CSE 610: Special Topics in Network Science (Fall 2019)

Instructor: A. Erdem Sariyuce (erdem AT buffalo.edu)
Class hours: MW 3:30-4:50 @Fronzcak 422
Office hours: TBA

Course Description

Graphs are a universal language to deal with the complex data in science, nature, and technology. With the emergence of online social networks and broad availability of network data in various domains, real-world networks pose unprecedented challenges. This course focuses on analysis of massive networks and introduces practical algorithms that can handle modeling, computational, and algorithmic challenges.


Background in discrete math, graph theory, and data mining.

Course Materials

No textbooks required, but we will benefit from the following two books:
  • Networks An Introduction, by M.E.J. Newman.
  • Networks, Crowds, and Markets, by D. Easley & J. Kleinberg.

Tentative Schedule is here

Grading Policy

Homeworks: 40% : 4 * 10% (Four homeworks)
Midterm: 20% (In class)
Project: 40% : 5% (proposal) + 15% (progress)+ 20% (final)


Will be a combination of data analysis, algorithm design, and math. Non-trivial programming skills are required in some language. Will be done individually. Assignment and due dates are given in the schedule. All homeworks should be typed and submitted by the beginning of the class on the due date.


Teams of 2 might be allowed, depending on the class size. The content and scope of the project will be decided in consultation with the instructor -- project ideas will be provided. Each team will meet and update the instructor every other week. There will be three milestones that includes reports and presentations (equal weighted); proposal, progress, and final.
- Proposal: Report will be a page long description of the project. It will be introduced with a short (5 mins) in-class presentation.
- Progress: Report can be up to 9 pages and also will be presented in-class (5 mins).
- Final: Report can be up to 9 pages and each team will have a 15-20 mins presentation time in the last week.

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