Aug 30: Course Overview

Sep 6: Graph Motifs I
Network Motifs: Simple Building Blocks of Complex Networks Science 2002 by Daniel

Sep 13: Core and Truss Decompositions I
Streaming Algorithms for k-core Decomposition VLDB 2013 by Vicky

Sep 20: Graph Motifs II
Motifs in Temporal Networks WSDM 2017 by Anna

Sep 27: Core and Truss Decompositions II
The k-peak Decomposition: Mapping the Global Structure of Graphs WWW 2017 by Shi

Oct 4: Core and Truss Decompositions III
Trusses: Cohesive Subgraphs for Social Network Analysis NSA TR 2008 by Yifan

Oct 11: Core and Truss Decompositions IV
Finding the Hierarchy of Dense Subgraphs using Nucleus Decompositions WWW 2015 by Purbarag

Oct 18: Dense Subgraph Discovery I
Denser than the Densest Subgraph: Extracting Optimal Quasi-Cliques with Quality Guarantees KDD 2013 by Vicky
Detecting Strong Ties Using Network Motifs WWW 2017 by Vicky

Oct 25: Dense Subgraph Discovery II
The K-clique Densest Subgraph Problem WWW 2015 by Purbarag
Ego-net Community Mining Applied to Friend Suggestion VLDB 2015 by Purbarag

Nov 1: Core and Truss Decompositions V
Fast Enumeration of Large k-Plexes KDD 2017 by Charuvahan

Nov 8: Motif-driven Network Analysis I
Local Higher-Order Graph Clustering KDD 2017 by Jon

Nov 15: No Class

Nov 22: Fall Recess

Nov 29: Incomplete and Uncertain Network Analysis
Core Decomposition of Uncertain Graphs KDD 2014 by Jon

Dec 6: Project Presentations